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Welcome to the law practice of Joseph S. DiMarco.  My practice is a boutique practice focusing on Securities, Entertainment and General Practice areas of law.  Once you have made the decision to seek legal counsel, I believe one of the most important things to consider before retaining a lawyer is whether the lawyer truly understands your concerns.  Ask yourself this question: “Does he realize the difference between understanding your situation and knowing the law?”  The two are very different.  In order to give the best legal representation possible, your lawyer needs to not only know the law, but also understand your unique circumstances.


I take the time to get to know my clients and understand what is driving them to seek legal representation.  Whether it is someone whose retirement savings has been depleted due to broker misconduct or broker negligence; or someone who has written a screenplay that has generated Hollywood interest; or a broker-dealer or individual broker who requires legal representation, I take the time to get to know my clients and to understand their individual situations and concerns.


I realized through my experiences in the corporate, Wall Street environment that, in the end, one’s future and security is never safe.  I learned that money changes peoples’ behavior and actions.  I learned that there are people deserving of protection and legal representation, whether you are a client or a broker, or a broker-dealer.  I learned how to vigorously negotiate, owing much of this to my nature, and the rest to my Wall Street education.
I learned that there are good people on both sides of Wall Street, and that there are people who have no scruples whatsoever, regardless of their position.


We are in the middle of a cataclysmic economic crisis, facing difficult challenges.  I am now using all of my experience in life and law and Wall Street and Hollywood to launch my practice, and to bring my expertise to you.


My philosophy, my mission is to render the best legal advice I can provide based on my experience, which spans over 16 years in the securities industry; over 10 years in the entertainment industry; and over 11 years of practicing law.  The intangibles I bring to the table are my strong family upbringing; a classic Jesuit education; a solid work ethic; an unyielding character; and a strong desire to do the right thing.


The principles that guide me are justice, strength, honor and integrity.